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Welcome to quote the nation, We have established ourselves online for the very purpose of obtaining value for money insurance policies for the general public, we are very proud of ourselves in finding the cheapest insurance policies guaranteed for thousands of UK residents and we make it our priority to continue to do this to the best of our ability.

We promise you value for your money, all we ask you to do is simply obtain a quote from us, after all, we would love for you to make a saving using our help! This is what we do and have been doing, really well, for quite some time.

We believe in quality over quantity, this is the reason why we only provide a select few types of insurances’ At the moment we have Car, Van and Life insurance types, this means we have a vast amount of specialists from these types of insurers on our panel ready to give you quotes on your circumstance.

Because we only have a select few insurances available, this allows us to concentrate on providing you the most affordable insurers rather than listings hundreds of insurers to you with very high prices, we will list 40 to 50 insurers with very low prices, we let the insurers compete for your custom, this is the only way for you to retrieve the cheapest possible price! Owwwh Finally, we hear you say! Insurers fighting for your custom by lowering their prices… You don’t believe us? Have a go, it’s really simple, on the right hand side of this page click the quote button that your looking for and fill out a quote, see for yourself.

How do we get you the cheapest insurance?

Well, this is simple, we have much less overheads and can afford to negotiate a much smaller fee from the insurers! Giving you a much less insurance premium, most of the time if you have already obtained an insurance quote from the more well known commercial comparison websites, you can sometimes obtain a cheaper quote from us, by the same insurance provider! This can be difficult to understand or believe but rest assured, let us do the negotiating for you, you have nothing to lose.

Quote the nation are one of the leading online comparison websites that helps people find cheap insurance quotes you will not lose anything by taking a quote, you will only gain, no personal information is given to any 3rd parties, your details are only provided to our panel of insurers to obtain a quote that is personal to you, this is our promise.

I don’t want spam emails!

We promise you that you will not receive a single email from us, rest assured, we know how annoying unwanted emails are, this is why we do not send out any emails!